Finely Tuned  - experience your picture and sound as the artist intended
Our Value To You

If you want to experience the artists intent from the production studio to your home living room then every link in the chain including the space itself, must be transparent to the source and not add or take from the intent of the original content.
This is our passion, and our value to you is to ensure that all of the elements that comprise your system will maximize the ART and minimize the ARTefacts.

How Do We Achieve This?

1. System Calibration Services.

ISF TV and Professional Monitor Calibration THX Dolby Digital Surround Sound System Calibration
Using the latest calibration equipment and industry guidelines we ensure that your new or existing TV, projector and sound system will perform to its optimum. 
2. Home Theatre Equipment Consultation 

We offer product purchase consultation.  If you are in the process of buying a TV, projector or sound system we can help you select the correct piece. The one that will realize the maximum benefit to you based on both your budget and your viewing environment.
3. Home Theatre System Design 
If you would like to build a dedicated Home Theatre or Media Room, we can assist you with both the design of the space and product recommendations. Please feel free to review or download our Home Theatre-Media Room Design 101 document below to assist you with your project.



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